The unconventional style of .A.´s creation is founded on the awareness that the vast sophistication of instrumental music nowadays has displaced and restricted the unique capacity of the human voice to convey the most varied and profound emotions. His Album titled “AIA - CHANTS OF THE MOTHER OF GOD" comprises 10 original creations.



Simplicity: the performance consists of basic solo chant without any accompanying instruments. .A.´s purpose is to convince by a courageous and uninhibited display of “vocal power” devoid of any artifice. Each song is a “one-man product” in that the composition, performance, recording and mastering are all done by one person - the Author with standard, not fancy equipment.

Versatility: .A. uses his vocal gift to perform the male and female voice parts of a song. He can cover the entire span of the human voice from the deepest Bass to Soprano. This is why he is known as the 8-Voice Singer referring to the 8 distinct vocal patterns that he encompasses.The dialogue he renders in the songs in which he alternates the male and female parts becomes the inner dialogue between the male and female sides of one´s personality, the will coupled with emotional energy, and leading up to action and fulfilment. Alternating the male and female vibrations also has a balancing effect on the mind of the Listener.

Spontaneity: .A.´s music is recorded live and unmixed. It is completely spontaneous and entirely performed on the spur of the moment, subject to the touch of inspiration, without any subsequent corrections or additions. All songs are “originals” in the sense that they are unique, created and performed all at once, and can never be duplicated.  Mastering is purposely kept down to the bare minimum required for reproduction on digital devices. Any inherent imperfections are left as such and the result is a natural and authentic work devoid of any cosmetic re-adjustments. The result is a work in which vibration crosses the barrier between sound and word and establishes a new frontier where composition and performance are inextricably blended together in harmony. 

Vibration: Sound is just a sensory perception of the ears while vibration engages all the energy centres of the human being. .A.´s chants are made of powerful and high spiritual vibrations which account for the “strange and unusual” sounds that which he is uniquely able to produce in order to raise the Listener´s overall receptivity to the required degree for the song´s message to be assimilated.

The Language of the Heart: .A.´s music is not sung in a spoken language that conveys concepts. It is sung in Aonga Ao, the sacred/secret “Art Language” from Above, also apt to be named the “Heart Language”, whose role is to convey “emotional meaning”. The sounds of the articulated words are a unique and distinctive match for the sounds of the music. They don´t “mean” something in the intellectual sense - but they resonate with the vibes of the music itself. Thus the word and the music are intertwined to convey a unique and powerful message which has a purifying and exalting effect on the emotional state of the Listener.


.A.´s music is not intended for sheer entertainment. It is useful to bring peace, harmony, balance and strength to those who are subject to life´s adversities in one form or another. For ages the vibrations of the human voice have been known to have a restoring, uplifting, calming and purifying effect, and .A. is rediscovering and reviving this use of all-vocal music.

In today´s brutal, hi-tech, urban environment run by established stereotypes, most people are unable to deal with the emotional effects of unfavourable circumstances or situations. Emotions that would reveal our vulnerability as human beings tend to be repressed and denied, eventually leading to self-denial. A display of stamina and strength required by social convention is most often put up at the expense of one´s most authentic feelings, and this results in depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and other disorders. 

.A.´ s vocal vibrations, which are soothing and empowering and the same time, penetrate deep down  the core of the Listener´s suppressed feelings, and unblock their expression in a way that is both purifying and uplifting. The result, as many Listeners have concluded, is an overall STATE OF EMOTIONAL WELLNESS.  


  • Performed Live, solo voice, with no accompanying instruments to interfere with the human vibrations.
  • The music is rough, unpolished, realistic to the utmost.
  • Modulates on up to 8 male/female vocal modes of expression, and freely alternates between them in real time.
  • The end vibration captures the inspiration of a privileged moment in all-natural, unaltered form.
  • It delivers a true, spontaneous emotional charge.