To SAY THE TRUTH is one thing.
To BE THE TRUTH is quite another.

.A. was born on 4th of July 1970 in Bucharest, Romania - the only son of two famous artists, a Drama Actress and a Stage Designer.

He spent the first 19 years of his life behind the “Iron Curtain” under one of the most repressive post-WW II communist regimes in which art and culture were the only form of escape from the tyranny of Marxist ideology and its implementation.

.A. was brought up in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom, was taught that GOD IS, and, literally from kindergarten, he was made to distinguish between the lies of government propaganda and the truth of everyday life. This education was constantly carried on by his parents notwithstanding they all lived under the spectrum of statewide repression.
Since an early age .A. developed a strong inclination for Letters and the Arts (music and painting). In his teens he fervently studied English Literature, and, after initially being hailed by his high school teachers as a young “genius”,  barely one year later he was denied the podium on account of choosing to write about the “Great Personality” of Shakespeare instead of that of the Dictator. 

Following this backslash, at the age when every young person feels the sincere urge to change the World, .A. sought solace in the study of Latin, Ancient Greek, as well as Biblical Hebrew in all of which he intuitively foresaw the keys to the Portals of Ancient Wisdom. He felt that the Truth concealed in the Ancient Texts needed to be restated and translated into forms that are more accessible to the contemporary mindset, and also put to good use in re-shaping the world.

In 1988, after switching from English to Latin, .A. earned a Gold Medal and 2nd Place in the International Latin Contest “Certamen Ciceronianum Arpinas” which has been annually held in Italy ever since 1980. He saw GOD´s hand in this swift reparation from the injustice he had suffered the year before.

Following this episode, and the bloody collapse of the Iron Curtain in 1989, .A. was offered a one-year scholarship at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome. It was from that time onwards that his fresh celebrity propelled him into close contact with a series of high-profile personalities, groups and organisations intent on shaping and controlling the geo-political and economic reality of today´s world. Over the next 20 years, as he worked his path into the “real world” of hands-on experience, he would learn by trial and error the limitations and inherent flaws of these groups and organisations, and conclude that the only true allegiance one can pledge is to GOD, the ESSENCE of BEING, and not to an organization, a political system, an ideology, or a religion, in whatever form.

At 22 .A. moved to The United States after being offered a Teaching Assistantship at the University of Southern California (USC) at Los Angeles. It was here that he earned a Master´s Degree in Classics, studied and taught subject matters such as Classical Mythology, The Psychoanalysis of Mythology, and Ancient Greek Civilisation. He then returned for a few years to his native country where he continued gaining experience by constant exposure to the challenges and vicissitudes of existence that kept changing his world view and strengthening his innate resilience to adversity in various forms.

At 33 .A. embarked on an an in-depth study of high spirituality and esoteric science with an emphasis on Astrology as the Key to True Inner Knowledge. For eleven years he kept on assimilating new information, testing it and applying it to particular situations to ascertain its validity, and discern between the essential and the superfluous. While continuing to travel to foreign countries and work with groups and organisations from the outside world, he developed inner knowledge and understanding.

At 44 .A. was revealed the Truth about the Essence of human existence, and was given the power of transmitting it to his fellow-humans by means of Vocal Music and Essential .A.strology.
For the past 36 years, by being himself a "target" of the abusive practices described in this book, .A. was gradually guided into developing a Method of Self-Defense through Knowledge that eventually enabled him to survive and share this long-forgotten Treasure with his fellow-humans.

.A.´s work and life endeavour are inspired by THE MOTHER OF GOD and are dedicated to THE WOMAN whose destiny it is to be his wife and the mother of their children. 

.A. currently lives in the City of Barcelona, Spain, from where he imparts True Inner Knowledge to all those who experience a sincere urge to change the conditions and circumstances of their lives and fulfill their Destiny entrusted by our MAKER.